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Finding The Hidden Treasure

​Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising plans, but neglect to inform their sales teams when campaigns hit. The C-level has determined the organization's brand without ensuring that the brand can be delivered upon, leaving employees wondering what it means for their departments and careers.

Once an organization has staked its claim, it needs to make certain that it can indeed deliver
upon its brand promise. Our process develops a Brand Pillars led by a Brand Champion. The Pillar, comprised of teams of employees who step outside of their silos, work together to help build the internal processes that will make sure that everyone from sales to production to delivery to accounting deliver upon the brand. Employee engagement of the brand. It can be powerful! To grow a strong brand, there must be an Essence Statement. The Essence Statement is the narrowly focused lens through which all decisions are viewed in order to grow the brand.

Internal Brand Development / Enculturation™