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Challenge: Farmer Boys, Inc. is an established casual dining restaurant chain. They wanted to increase the number of Farmer Boys franchises by appealing to area developers; entrepreneurs who have a history of successful operations in other franchises and who are looking to translate that success into a new franchise. Area developers are busy people. They are the target of endless appeals from other franchise businesses. Thus, Farmer Boys was having difficulty in getting area developers to take their calls. The gate keepers were doing their jobs well. BrandSavants was invited to develop a way for Farmer Boys to break through and achieve an opened door to the area developers.

Solution: We designed an implemented a branded, multi-piece three dimensional direct mail campaign. The pieces were quite unique, memorable and engaging. While each mailing presented targeted messages about the benefits of speaking with Farmer Boys about franchising, the paramount goal was to generate name recognition of Farmer Boys and create buzz in the offices of area developers.

​Results: After the second mailing had been distributed, Farmer Boys' franchise development team members re-launched their phone call campaign. This time around, there was a very high recognition of the franchise. There was even an eagerness of gatekeepers to forward the calls to the targeted area developers. "Why yes, I've got your truck sitting right here on my desk", was not an  uncommon comment  when an area developer took their call. Yes, it also won awards.

Farmer Boys