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Challenge: Pacific Sun Casual Furniture is an established manufacturer of outdoor furniture that is marketed directly to commercial facilities such as hotels, resorts, and community complexes. Pacific Sun noted that their sales has plateaued, and it was also evident that the company was failing in its efforts to attract new customers. A new Marketing Director was hired, who bean an exploratory conversation with BrandSavants on ways to increase sales and market visibility.

Solution: Through a series of interviews with Pacific Sun customers and non-customers, BrandSavants discovered that, when exposed to Pacific Sun's marketing materials, prospects overwhelmingly perceived the company's products to be "stodge & outdated" compared to competitors' products. However this negative perception didn't reflect reality. Based on competitive analysis, BrandSavants determined that Pacific Sun's high styled, contemporary products were well suited for the market, but were being misrepresented by the company's deficient marketing materials. Accordingly, BrandSavants developed a new sales and marketing plan that projected a positive return on investment as a result of the creation of new, more effective marketing strategies and materials. Once marketing buy-in of the new plan was achieved, BrandSavants led the development and implementation of these new strategies and materials, starting with new photographs of Pacific Sun's furniture in attractive environments groupings.

​Results: ​Customers and prospects reacted very favorably to the new marketing materials, often purchasing quantities of entire groupings exactly as pictured in the new direct mail pieces and catalogs. Prospects who had previously ignored Pacific Sun suddenly because interested in reviewing the entire product line, and overall sales volume increased dramatically. When originally authorizing the program, Pacific Sun's management had projected it would take twelve months to achieve the desired return on investment. In actuality, the program reached the targeted return on investment in just six months. Needless to say, Pacific Sun's management was very pleased with the results, and with the collaborative efforts of their new Marketing Director and BrandSavants. Yes, it won awards also.

Pacific Sun Casual Furniture