Challenge: A medicare supplement health plan informed Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC) that they were ending their Medicare supplement contract with the clinic, and were going to transfer patients on this plan to another clinic. If RMC's patients wanted to stay with their physicians at RMC, they would need to change health plans  within just 18 days. If RMC took no actiion, they anticipated retaining 25% of these patients. By taking action, their goal was to retain 60% of these patients.

Solution: BrandSavants set up workshops where these senior citizens could meet with RMC staff to discover what other health plans they could switch to, meet with plan representatives, and obtain assistance in filling out applications for another plan. An oversized comparison chart was developed that was easy for senior citizens to read and understand that they could use to aid them in their decision-making. A direct mail package of the comparison chart, a letter of explanation and an invitation to the workshops was sent to RMC patients who were currently covered by the health plan. Newspaper ads ran daily announcing the transfer and inviting affected senior citizens to attend one of the workshops.

​Results: ​RMC had to increase the number of workshops in order to accommodate all who wanted to attend. Workshops were well received by the senior citizens. They reported how easy the comparison chart was to use, and appreciated the opportunity to meet with all plan representatives in one location. They viewed what RMC did as a tremendous service to them. RMC retained 106% of the senior citizens. Some seniors who were not with that health plan, but saw the newspaper ads came to the seminars converted to RMC.

Riverside Medical Clinic

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