Brand Savvy. Business Smarts.

We’re passionate about business growth, our work and helping our clients excel.

Our savants are brand fanatics. In fact, we’re one of just a few firms in North America with Certified Brand Strategists.

What does that mean? We’ve honed a unique process to guide your brand to success. From discovery, to
development, to implementation, we’ll lead you through the work needed to define and communicate the meaning behind your brand.


What We Do

For over 15 years, we’ve built brands by uncovering the “WHY” – differentiating our clients from competitors and defining how to deliver a meaningful brand experience. Our Certified Brand Strategists use sophisticated tools and proven processes to uncover a brand’s unique distinction and develop the communication of that distinction.

See How We Do It

Brand Development

Our Certified Brand Strategists use sophisticated tools that delve into and discover the heart of your brand.


Brand Culture

We guide your understanding of the brand throughout your organization to inspire.


Strategic Marketing & Planning

Businesses grow through a complete understanding of the marketplace.



We not only develop the strategies for your marketing plan, but also execute the plan to make sure the process meets measurable goals and objectives.


Team Leadership

Russ Cornelius, CBS

Chief Executive Officer

I realized that an organization’s brand truly comes from within. It's the culture of that organization. I envisioned a process to hardwire an organization’s commitment and ability for its employees to deliver upon the brand promise. Thus the development of Enculturation™.

Jacquie Francisco, CBS


I passionately believe in the power of brand development. It re-inspires organizations and helps them remember that what they do matters to customers, staff and partners. Because at the beginning and end of every day, the brand lives within the people of that organization.

Sharon Massey, CBS

Executive Vice-President

Digging into an organization’s true essence and then determining the best strategies to showcase their differentiation and create a relationship with their target audiences is something I love to do. My experience and focus help clients strategically and creatively achieve results.

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