BrandSavants began in 2002. We still have our first client. While we are a full-service agency, our key differentiator is the emphasis we place on brand development and strategy. It excites us! As a brand development firm, our focus is to understand and embrace a client’s business strategy so we can make sure it and the brand strategy align. By doing that we help our clients grow.

When the founder of The Brand Establishment, the only licensee of Certified Brand Strategists, decided to retire, he approached Russ about taking over the leadership of that organization. How about that? Today, Russ and Jacquie are managing partners of the organization that teaches other agencies about brand.

One other thing. While we are serious about what we do, we are fun. And we have fun doing our work. Maybe that’s because we have more than a bit of passion about what we do and believe in exceeding expectations. Or maybe it’s where we live. The weather. The free-spiritness. The water. All of which, it can safely be argued, leads to some fairly fresh, wide-open thinking. Both strategy-wise and creative-wise. Which helps our clients successfully communicate their brand promise.