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Sharon Massey

Executive Vice President

​30 Years Brand And 

Marketing Experience

"I relish digging into an organization’s true essence and then determining the best strategies to showcase their differentiation and create a relationship with their target audiences. My experience and focus help clients strategically and creatively achieve results."     

Russ Cornelius, CBS


30 Years Brand And 

Marketing Experience

Jacquie Francisco, CBS


​15 Years Brand And 

Marketing Experience

"I passionately believe in the power of Brand Development. It re inspires organizations and helps them remember that what they do matters to customers, staff and partners. Because at the beginning and end of every day, the brand lives with the people of that organization ."      

BrandSavants is one of just a few ​firms in North America with Certified Brand Strategists. As a full service integrated marketing firm, we guide our clients’ internal and external marketing initiatives to ensure they deliver upon and successfully communicate their brand promise. We say it is the "X" that marks the spot.

"I realized that an organization’s brand truly comes from within. It's the culture of that organization. I envisioned a process to hardwire an organization’s commitment and ability for its employees to deliver upon the brand promise. Thus the development of Enculturation™. "              

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