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July 2020

Rebrand is more than a name

A Rebrand? Tell the Washington Redskins It’s More than a Name

There are typically a number of factors an organization considers when contemplating whether or not to rebrand, but the Washington Redskins only needed one. The market has changed. That dilemna faced the Washington NFL franchise, prompting their recent decision to drop the “Redskins” name as well as the Indian head logo. The organization has been […]

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Enculturation™: Living and Breathing the Brand from the Inside Out

Your company has done the work to determine your brand identity through the brand development process. You have staked out your area of distinction from the competition. You have planned diligently to align your brand strategy and your business strategy. Now what? Enculturation™. You’ve got all these great ideas and now, you have to put […]

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February 2018

January 2018

Brand the Bigger Brand

A question I am often asked is, “Should we brand our products or our company?”  And I most often reply, “The company.”  That’s not to say there’s never a reason to brand products, but I nearly always suggest the company. Here’s why. It’s the bigger brand. You see, when we begin the brand building process, […]

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December 2017

Brand Is Your Shot for the Lead

Great brands continue to thrive for years after their introductions. Others don’t. The great ones control their categories. They set examples for others to try to mimic. Brands like Hallmark, Nike, Michelin, Southwest Airlines and Mercedes are emblematic of great brands. Blockbuster, Pan Am, Circuit City and Oldsmobile represent the fallen. So why are there […]

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November 2017

Brand Development: Defining Your Claim of Distinction

You’ve decided to apply for a job! What’s the first thing you do to prepare for a potential interview? You’d probably start by taking a look at yourself to determine what sets you apart from other candidates. That would include a review of your experience, your strengths and past success. You then use that self-assessment […]

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Clever Taglines and Catchy Slogans Versus a Value Proclamation

How many times have you heard someone say, “That’s a catchy slogan?” Or, “That tagline is so clever?” Typically, what they are describing are the words located under a logo at the end of an ad. Or possibly what a voice-over communicates at the end of a commercial. The words may or may not be […]

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October 2017

A single egg lit up among dozens of eggs in dark

What a Brand Is Not

Those of us who specialize in brand development are grateful for the heightened awareness and discussion around the importance of brands which has occurred in recent years. However, we think it’s important to clarify a key point. Though obvious, there is a difference between branding and brand development. Branding comprises the tactics used to deliver […]

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Brand Report Card

The definition of a brand is “A Claim of Distinction.” Without distinction, your company and products could be considered “Brand X” or “Generic” or worse, a commodity. Take this simple test to assess your brand’s distinction. Assign 3 points for “Yes,” 2 for “I don’t know,” and 1 for “No.” You have discovered what differentiates your […]

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